In addition to supporting our fellow professional members with business and sewing expertise and networking, we also share our knowledge.  Our sharing extends to new professional and non-professional members as well as to non-member sewing and design enthusiasts. Our chapter offers various presentations and workshops that are open to the public.

Our individual members' businesses may concentrate in one or more of the following specialties:  bridal and formalwear, tailoring, costuming, historical reproductions, garment restyling, activewear, dancewear, accessories, couture techniques, teaching and more.  Our networking allows our members to refer an inquiring potential client to another member.  We have much to share with our clients, each other and interested non-members.

For anyone who is just beginning to explore fashion-related careers, we offer student and intern memberships.

For those who wish to enjoy the company and expertise of the professional members as well as open access to all of our members with networking and referrals, leading-edge technical education, business training for profitability, professional image development, internet exposure, professional discounts, and ... immeasurable camaraderie.

For more information of how to make the most of working with a sewing professional, go to:   ASDP Sewing Directory

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