​Sewing Machine Hands-on Maintenance Workshop.  On a recent September 2017 Sunday, member and non-member attendees benefitted from Cathy Racine's expert maintenance-and-repair expertise at her Charlton Sewing Center in Charlton, MA   (www.charltonsewingcenter.com)  This very satisfying "Service Your Own Machine" hands-on workshop by Cathy allowed the attendees to learn and  practice the basics of cleaning and maintaining the attendees' own machines.  Being able to maintain the health of our machines was very satisfying and economical. 

Chapter Reunion and Holiday Gathering.   Our chapter is 25 years old! (And we still look fabulous!)   We celebrated with our current and many former members on Sunday January 8, 2017..  The whole effect was that of sisters reuniting.


Better Pressing, by Ann Steeves.   This is the latest in multiple articles over the years by Ann in THREADS Magazine that focus on the importance of pressing as well as tools and techniques.

For this particular article, refer to page 64 in THREADS #183 (FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016).  For previous articles, do a search on "Steeves" at http://www.threadsmagazine.com

Three Ways to Match Prints was a recent 2015 article in THREADS MAGAZINE co-authored by our Chapter member. Cathie Ryan, along with Louise Cutting and Susan Crane.   In that article, three experts' offers 3 reliable approaches to aligning fabric across seams.  That article can be printed from this page:  

http://ww​w.threadsmagazine.com/item/44543/three-ways-to-match-prints .  Or, if you have a THREADS issues library, this article appears in October/November 2015 #181, p 38.

Pricing for Sewing and Design Business Professionals.  Janee Connor, owner and operator of Janee’s Originals—a custom sewing and alterations studio with sewing classes--has recently shared her practical as well as formal training experience in managing retail business services.  This presentation at the Rhode Island Sewing Network focused on how to earn a living working for one’s self.   The core of this how-to emphasized the financial side of building a retail service business.  This logical and practical presentation has been absorbed and enjoyed at our National Conference and at a session with our Chapter membership. 

Fun in the Kitchen, by Maureen Egan, appears in the current issue of DESIGNS IN MACHINE EMBROIDERY (Volume 103, March/April 2017). Matching embroidered aprons for adult, child, and 18" doll are featured in this how-to article. Maureen is a frequent contributor to Designs. This is her twenty-fourth article for the magazine. For information go to: http://www.shop.dzgns.com/collections/magazine/products/volume-103-march-april-2017